Agile Interview Question Part 2

What does the term increment mean? 

When the sprint is finished by the team it is usually meant that all the tasks that they have planned have been completed. The term increment refers to the sum of all the backlog product items that were completed in a sprint. The new increment value will have the value of the last sprint value. 

What do you mean by planning poker or scrum poker technique? 

The technique which is a card-based estimation based on a general agreement is known as scrum poker or planning poker. Some features of it are:-

  • The first step is to the story of the agile user is read by the customer or owner. Then the estimator understands the features. 
  • There are different planning cards with different numbers for each estimator. The different numbers are the story points.
  • Based on the estimation which is done by discussing features, the estimator will select a card. 
  • When a common value is selected then it is considered to be an estimate otherwise there is a discussion on maximum and minimum estimation. 
  • Until a general agreement is reached this process is repeated. 

What is the right moment to use the agile model? 

There are certain methodologies and developments which can use agile like lean software development feature drove development, dynamic development, and crystal methodologies. 

How do agile testing methods differ from other testing methods? 

In the case of agile testing methodology, the code that is used is broken into smaller branches. At one particular time, each particular branch of code is tested. Also, continuous communication is done on that part of the code. The agile process is more flexible and focused. 

Is it possible to apply agile methodology to another testing apart from software testing and development testing? 

The methodology of file testing can be applied in the case of biophysics, biochemistry, biomedical, and those places that have insufficient data and the project needs to complete with a small team. 

How to know that you are using agile development?

You will know that you are using agile development is when you are using a time-boxed task board, test-driven development, daily stand-up meetings, pair programming, and many more. 

What do you mean by the X and Y-axis of the burndown chart? 

In the burndown chart, the X-axis represents the working days and the Y-axis stands for showing the remaining efforts. 

Agile Burndown chart

Describe the main roles in the scrum?

  • Scrum team – It is consists of an individual person who is in charge of working collectively to complete a certain task. 
  • Scrum Master – this person is responsible for the paper execution of end result of the scrum team. 
  • Product owner – he or she has the responsibility of delivering a whole concept of what to build and then convey the idea to the team. 

What does build breaker mean? 

There are certain times when the developer accidentally commits a bug in the software. This bug might stop the process of compilation or generated warring. It is the cause of failure during the normal execution of testing. In such cases, it is said that the build is broken. The main priority of the tester now is to rectify the bug. 

What are the places where Scrum and Kanban are used? 

When there is a need for shifting towards an appropriate and prominent process then you use Scrum. When you need to improve the process that is running provided that there are not many changes then Kanban is used. 

What is your view on scrum master removing impediments for the scrum team? 

The scrum master can remove impediments on behalf of the scrum team but he should not do that. The scrum master should not pamper nor overrule the scrum team. Also, the scrum team should be able to make their own decisions. 

Can agile methodology also be applied other than software testing and development projects?

There are various places where agile methodology can be applied in the field of biophysics, biochemistry, biomedical, or at the place where there is insufficient data, where the project needs to be completed in a small team, where to work in unknown and there are several areas.

What are the major Agile components? 

The major Agile components include:

  • Test-driven development, continuous deployment, pair programming, etc.
  • Class responsibilities and collaborators cards
  • Daily stand-up meetings

What is the process in which a master recommends following up on action items? 

The best way to do this is by establishing a follow-up of the works that are to be done by the members of the team. The information is to be collected by the scrum master.

What are different types of Agile Methodology?

Different types of Agile methods or frameworks widely used in the world for software development and project development are listed below: 

  • Scrum: It is used to establish hypotheses, test them, reflect on the experience, and also make adjustments. It heavily depends on feedback, self-management, small teams, and work broken out into sprints. It relies on incremental development. 
  • FDD (Feature-Driven Development): It generally involves creating software models every two weeks and also needs development and design for each and every model feature. It is basically a lightweight iterative and incremental software development process whose main purpose is to deliver stable and working software on time.  
  • Lean Software Development: It is basically a way of minimizing waste and maximizing value. It is more focused on process efficiency for optimum results in customer value. It is totally based on two guiding principles i.e., respect for people and continuous improvement. 
  • XP (Extreme Programming): Its main purpose is to produce higher-quality software and higher quality of life for the development team. It is considered low-risk, flexible and a way to develop software and ensures that clients get what they require. In this methodology, the software is tested right from day one, collecting feedback so as to improve the development process. 
  • DSDM (Dynamic Software Development Method): It generally focuses on the full project lifecycle and the main aim is to ensure good governance as the foundation for project management. It is user-driven and believes that modifications to the project are always expected. It also provides a full roadmap to deliver products on time and within budget.  
  • ASD (Adaptive System Development): It represents the idea that projects should always be in a state of continuous adaptation, and has a cycle of three repeating series i.e., speculate, collaborate, and learn.
  • Crystal Methodology: It mainly focuses on individuals and their interactions rather than processes. It is considered one of the most lightweight and flexible approaches to developing software. It is a family of agile methodologies that include different variants such as crystal clear, crystal yellow, crystal orange, and crystal red. 
  • Kanban: Kanban projects are generally managed through a board or table (Kanban Board). This Kanban board is a tool that helps team members to keep an eye on workflow for measuring its progress and includes all the information that is needed to be done on the product at each stage along with its path of completion. Its main purpose is flexibility in task management, continuous improvement, and enhanced workflow.

What are advantages and disadvantages of Agile Process.


There are several advantages of using the Agile Process as given below: 

  • Adapt well with changing requirements 
  • Face-to-face conversation with team members and customers 
  • Focuses on technical excellence and good design 
  • Fast and continuous development  
  • Enables collaboration and interaction between client and project team 
  • Ensure and promote customer satisfaction 
  • Faster feedback from customers or end-users 
  • Quick identification and elimination of errors found in the code  
  • Division of agile project into sprints or iterations i.e., short and repeatable phases typically 1-4 weeks long 
  • Quick delivery of products  
  • Easy to manage with more flexibility  
  • The end goal can be unknown: Agile is beneficial for projects where the goal is not defined and as the project progresses, the goal becomes more evident. 


There are several disadvantages of using Agile Process as given below: 

  • Lack of formal documentation and designing 
  • Difficult to estimate resource requirement and effort  
  • Not good for small development projects 
  • Costly as compared to other development methodologies 
  • Requires more time and energy from everyone 
  • Risk of ever-lasting project 
  • Difficult to scale large projects 
  • Difficulty in testing and test construction.

What good qualities an Agile Tester should have?

There are several good qualities an Agile tester should have. Some of them are listed below: 

  • Positive attitude and solution-oriented 
  • Focused towards goal 
  • Excellent communication skills  
  • Understand and fulfill customer requirements 
  • Basic knowledge about the Agile process and its principles 
  • Critical and creative thinking 
  • Share ideas effectively 
  • Plan and prioritize work on the basis of requirements 
  • Cope up with change

What do you mean by refactoring?

Re-factoring is basically an activity that involves alteration or modification of the internal structure of software without any change in its external behaviors or functionality. In this, developers make some changes or tinker with code to enhance and improve the internal structure of software. One of the most popular and widely used refactoring techniques in the agile software development process is Red-Green. The refactoring process makes the code more readable, understandable, and clean. The continuous habit of refactoring helps to make it easier to extend and maintain code. 

What’s the difference between sprint backlog and product backlog?

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